Ready to meet the world



Welcome to another extraordinary year at Virginia Commonwealth University.

It will be extraordinary because of the faculty, staff and students who continue to advance our mission as a new kind of 21st-century American research university that is dedicated to changing the world.

The world will certainly be on our minds this year, as our newly focused Quest for Distinction strategic plan inspires us to create and discover things that no one ever has, as we find causes and cures that no one ever has, as we engage with our communities in meaningful ways that no one ever has. At VCU in 2015, we are not simply thinking about the future. We are creating it. We are writing it. We are making it real.

There is, of course, another way in which we are thinking about our mission and our place in the world. With the UCI Road World Championships in town next month — and racing through our campuses — we all know that the “world is coming to Richmond.”

Because the world is coming to Richmond, I have been hard at work recently introducing VCU to the world. And I discovered something inspiring along the way. Take a look for yourself in the video above.

I look forward to a wonderful new year at VCU.