The unyielding pursuit of discovery


Today marks a significant milestone for Virginia Commonwealth University as we launch VCU Health, a new brand that captures all of the compelling and exciting work we do together every day, across our institution.

VCU Health reflects our focus on exemplary care, service, education and research that improves the lives of those we serve and reflects our unrelenting commitment to human health.

Our unique distinction as both the commonwealth’s top-ranked hospital and the region’s safety net shows our importance to our community, our patients, our students, members of our faculty and staff and to all of our employees. Our values lie at the heart of the awards we earn for safety and excellence, the education of the new leaders we educate to transform health care, and the discoveries of causes and cures we make that transforms lives.

To better reflect who we have become and to carry these values into the future, we now unify our organization and under one brand: VCU Health.

That is because we are connected to one another in all we do. We are providing care, education and research; working toward one common purpose; and relentlessly exploring new ways to improve and extend human life. We constantly redefine what is possible so that we can be our very best in all we do, including in the care that we provide.

We are a team fueled by curiosity, exploration and transformation. But above all, we are a team.

Our new brand captures that spirit. More than a change of symbol, it is a symbol of change. It better represents how—together—we are leading what is possible in human health, recovery and life.

Please join in celebrating this historic occasion. At any time on Sunday, Aug. 30, and Monday, Aug. 31, you may come see the how the new brand will look and feel. We hope you will come, get inspired, and add your own unique story of discovery and vision for our future. Information for these events is as follows:

VCU Health MCV Campus
McGlothlin Medical Education Center
2nd Floor Lobby
1201 East Marshall Street
Richmond, VA 23298

VCU Health Community Memorial Hospital
Education Center Lobby
125 Buena Vista Circle
South Hill, VA 23970

The new VCU Health Brand is a better reflection of what we do together, and a tribute to what you do every day. Thank you continuing to elevate and redefine our commitment to human health. The work you do is essential to the lives of the people we serve and critically important to every other member of the team.

VCU Health will continue to deliver on our brand and carry our values and vision. That is why the most important part of VCU Health is — and always will be — you.