The freedom to find answers


America’s research universities have always been dedicated to an interminable search for answers. Whether making groundbreaking discoveries in the laboratory, pioneering causes and cures in the clinic, creating moving art in the studio or teaching life-changing lessons in the classroom, we continue our persistent search for what’s true and for what advances the human experience.

As one of America’s premier public research universities, VCU still commits to this mission generations after our founding.

We will continue to value and champion the freedoms that that have made our nation and our university exceptional:  the freedoms of speech and peaceful assembly, the freedom to be proudly who you are, the freedom to pursue academic truths, the freedom to create and discover, the freedom to respectfully question and disagree and the freedom to listen to and learn from each other.

Our nation is stronger because universities like ours continue this push. And in any period of historical uncertainty, we will double-down on this commitment. We will always be a place that welcomes all people and fully endorses and empowers their quest for answers. We will continue our commitments to both diversity and inclusion. We will be a place of the highest integrity, accountability and respect. And we will continue to be guided by the laws that protect us and the values that define us.

I am grateful to be part of a community of scholars who continue a relentless search for answers and who will always work to tackle what’s difficult in the face of any obstacle.

Now as ever, that is what we do at VCU. And we always will.