American flag, Harris Hall

A day of remembrance


Our nation owes so much to the brave people who gave all to ensure the most basic of freedoms enumerated by the founding fathers of our country. Because of them we are able to dedicate ourselves to VCU’s mission of education, creation, innovation and life-saving healthcare.

Virginia Commonwealth University has always been committed to those who serve. As educators of military surgeons during the American Civil War, our graduates cared for the sick and injured, no matter their affiliation. Our medical school was the only one in the South to stay open and to graduate a class every year.

World War I is considered to be the first example of modern warfare. Base Hospital 45 in France was heavily staffed by medical professionals trained at MCV. With over 17,000 casualties treated, more than 98 percent survived.  This is remarkable considering the high mortality rate during WWI. Our dedication to educating caregivers and the treatment of the wounded endures.

Today, VCU honors those who gave their lives by committing ourselves to educating and developing groundbreaking healthcare and treatments. Professor David Cifu’s remarkable research on traumatic brain injuries, funded by a $62.2 million federal grant; the close collaborations between our School of Business and the Army Logistics University at Fort Lee, focused on logistics and supply chain management; our leadership in caring for veterans at the McGuire VA hospital all have helped us gain national recognition as one of the Top 100 universities for veterans.

VCU’s Military Student Services and Green Zone training for faculty and staff ensure that our veteran students have advocates across the university. The faculty and staff that comprise our Division of Strategic Enrollment Management  diligently work to recruit and retain veteran and active duty students.

On Memorial Day, let us pause to remember the sacrifices of so many whose bravery and commitment to a more perfect union enables everything we do at VCU and stand at the heart of our mission to advance the human experience everywhere.