A message from VCU’s Student Government Association leadership


The Student Government Association is responsible for representing the voices of all VCU students, being the direct liaison between administration and the student body, and alleviating student concerns.

Empowering the students’ voice

My name is Destinee’ Moragne, and I am president of the Student Government Association for the 2017-2018 academic year. James McPaul is vice president for undergraduate students, and Keith Zirkle is vice president for graduate and professional students.

SGA has three main branches: executive, legislative and judicial:

  • The executive branch holds your elected officials and is responsible for ensuring the organization is achieving its goals and focusing on the needs of the student body.
  • The legislative branch is composed of two senates — the Undergraduate Senate and the Graduate and Professional Senate. Each senate has 30 senators who were elected by you, the student body, to write legislation addressing student concerns and to hear updates from university administration and departments.
  • The judicial branch is charged with mediating problems between student organizations and keeping record of constitutional amendments, passed legislation and internal student government elections.

This year we are focusing on accomplishing the following goals:

  • Creating a more accessible environment for students to communicate their concerns and ideas
  • Building a stronger relationship with the university’s administration
  • Increasing communication across the student body

We have worked diligently over the summer to ensure that this year will be amazing. We participated in the Ram Resources fair to introduce ourselves to new students, partnered with the Student Media Center to create a video that explains how we are a resource and collaborated with the The Well’s Stall Seat Journal to create an edition for Graduate and Professional Students. In addition, we met with Financial Aid to understand why students did not receive their packages early. A special thank you to Marc Vernon for being transparent.

We also have started new initiatives, including:

  • Monthly emails to the student body providing updates on different legislation and projects that SGA is working on
  • Roundtables, previously referred to as town halls, to assist in informing students about university initiatives and projects, to help students learn more about what SGA is doing and to allow student organizations to engage with new people (first roundtable on Sept. 22 at noon, Cabell Library, third floor lecture hall)

Want to participate in SGA? Become a delegate! A delegate is responsible for hearing student concerns, volunteering at student government events and attending committee meetings. Being a delegate is a great way to be involved in the VCU community.