VCU’s Code of Conduct for employees


I am grateful for your dedication to making VCU a great place to work, teach and learn. As part of National Ethics and Compliance Week, I am sharing with you VCU’s new Code of Conduct for employees. Enhanced with additional content and resources, the code provides guidance on how to put ethical behavior into action at VCU while also publicly stating our values as a public research university dedicated to the human good.

For university members, VCU’s Code of Conduct clarifies our mission, values and ethical standards and explains what it means to be a Ram. The code creates a benchmark for professional behavior and performance and serves as a reference for day-to-day decisions, connects us to resources, and contributes to meaningful dialog during meetings, project planning and strategic goal setting.

Our Code of Conduct enhances the public’s confidence in what we do and fosters and environment of trust. In addition, it communicates our standards of conduct to regulatory agencies and helps us mitigate risk and avoid potential penalties which negatively impact the entire university community.

To ensure awareness of our Code of Conduct, university members are required to acknowledge their understanding of the VCU Code of Conduct each and every year.

Should you have any questions or comments about our Code, feel free to reach out to the Integrity and Compliance Office at